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Author Topic: Big Brother Forum Guidelines  (Read 34691 times)
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« on: August 10, 2010, 07:56:03 PM »

Hi! Welcome to our Big Brother Forum.  To help keep things running smoothly we'd like you to take a look at the following guidelines.  Should you choose to ignore this guidelines then we will sadly have to say farewell and end your posting privileges.

1. Profanity is NOT tolerated. Mild expletives may be overlooked at times, but blatant use of inflammatory profanity toward any moderator or member will not be tolerated and your account will immediately be banned.

2. Flooding the forum threads with irrelevant posts is highly discouraged. Please use Main Front Page Chat for this.

3. Be civil toward other members. They are here for the same reason you are. Being considerate is a must and arguing will cause a member to be banned. Taking a know-it-all approach invites conflict. Avoid this behavior at all costs.

4. Always be respectful toward all Moderators and Administrator, even when you disagree with them. We are here to help guide you and you will see that we participate with members on the forum often. Moderators and Administrators routinely monitor this forum and can and will modify member messages when necessary without notice.

5. Please use existing threads rather than start a new thread when you have a new thought. Look first before posting to see if any thread has been started on the subject before starting duplicate threads.

6. When in doubt about proper forum etiquette, read first and take note of everyone's posting style and then copy it.

7. Don't expect an immediate response to your comments. Again, this is not a chat room where real-time conversations take place.

8. Please look around the different Forum categories and familiarize yourself with how we do it; (i.e.: some make one-sentence posts, others make long paragraph posts. The end result is that sooner or later another member may come along and reply to it.)

9. When posting in the Big Brother Section, keep all replies on topic to Big Brother.

10. When in the General Discussion area, please find threads you might enjoy posting to sometimes. Remember not to overwhelm the forum with a lot of posting at once. Such behavior is considered spamming and can cause immediate banning without warning.

Working together, we all can have a good forum experience as long as everyone understands and agrees to follow the rules. Disregarding the rules will be cause for a member to be banned permanently.

When you have a question pertaining to posting or a general question, please use the Personal Message (PM) feature to contact any moderator and we will answer as quickly as possible. Be advised that the Forum message system limits all users to five PMs per hour, so make sure you use them wisely. When you've reached the limit you will have to wait to use it again. Most members work around this by going to email. I hope this clears up any questions you may have.

Full credit goes to mod Cheri for compiling this excellent list of guidelines.
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