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September 21, 2014, 06:06:03 AM *
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 on: Today at 12:36:50 AM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by katiekins
I'm not so sure about that, if either guy really wants to win, they will take Victoria. Cody might not be able to beat Derrick, so his safest move would be to take her along.

 on: September 20, 2014, 09:38:41 PM 
Started by Cheri - Last post by terabyte
Excellent. Thanks Cheri.

 on: September 20, 2014, 09:37:27 PM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by terabyte
It will most likely be Cody and Derrick as Final Two.  I'm guessing that Cody will win the final comp and evict Victoria. I think Derrick would also evict Victoria if he wins the final comp.

 on: September 20, 2014, 03:35:13 PM 
Started by Rico - Last post by Rico
Well, this might be my last song for this year... unless the final episode inspires something.  I thought I'd do a song from "Mama Mia!" since I heard one of the cast members (Frankie) was in that show.

Thank you all for your kind words and your encouragement throughout the season!
See you next season, if not before...
To the tune of “The Winner Takes It All”

(If you are not familiar with the tune, go here:

I think it’s time we talk
About the game we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
The summer’s history

No more Germitards
Zach attacks are done too
Izzy’s gone away
One more comp to play

The winner takes it all
Victoria standing small
A floater’s victory
That's her destiny

She’ll get 50K
Thinking she belongs there
If either guy has sense
All else: Incompetence

Beast Mode always thought
Loyalty was strong there
Caleb was a fool
Playing by the rules

The Hit Men throw the dice
Big Brother’s cold as ice
A hit man’s greatest fear
Losing when so near

The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Win, or don’t complain

But let us reminisce
Predictably we’ve come through
“House” votes are so lame
They make a boring game

It can’t be denied
Characters were there, too
Zachary acting gay
Frank’s flamboyant ways

With Donny’s gentle side
His class can’t be denied
But Derrick stole the show
Always staying low

They named a group again
Alliances or friends
Must have a name to call
No bond could be too small

The fail of forced showmance
Makes production feel sad
The twists were fairly bland
But mostly, they did land

I will summarize:
The season made me feel glad
I won’t just ride the fence
My joy each year’s immense
But Wednesday…

The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all

Just one winner
Takes it all
Now Survivor
In the Fall

What a ride!
Though we chide
Next year’s season
We’ll be here

Had a ball
On to Fall

 on: September 20, 2014, 12:30:34 PM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by kishoph
All this begs the question: Is Frankie more delusional than Caleb?
Frankie - but not by much.  At least Caleb is a nice person.  I can't say that about Frankie.

Caleb's delusions of grandeur are harmless, Frankie on the other hand seems like a very malicious person, with some entitlement issues. I loved it when Cody told Frankie that "he's not Big Brother Jesus". 

 on: September 20, 2014, 12:20:30 PM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by kishoph
There may be some jurors that think that Derrick wasn't as involved as he was (basically every move) because he did it so stealthy. A lot of people were more vocal about their moves, even though it was Derrick that orchestrated almost all the moves this season. I predict that if Derrick wins the HOH, he'll take Victoria. Although "Expect The Unexpected" Victoria wins !  Shocked OMG, I don't know how I would react, that would be the craziest thing ever in BB history. It could never happen.

 on: September 20, 2014, 11:10:48 AM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by laffnwolf
If Toady wins, he should definitely dump Derrick. In a Derrick vs Cody showdown, I see maybe 3 votes tops for Cody: Frankie(spite) Vic(rejection) and Christine(cuddlepartner.) The remainder all know that Derrick played the much better game, and deserves the win.

 on: September 20, 2014, 10:24:21 AM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by Hail Skins
and vic will be next one evicted and derrick will win the game, never being nominated, bb history, a perfect game.

I don't know about that.  If Cody wins HOH I agree he will almost certainly remain loyal to Derrick and take him to the F2.  However, if Derrick wins HOH I could easily see him decide that he has a better chance against Victoria (loyalty be damned).  Cody has won comps and has played the game so he has actually done something to earn the Jury's respect.  On the other hand, Victoria's purpose pretty much from mid-game on has been merely to serve as a placeholder for that second seat (there is no way someone can be on the block as a target 9 times [I think?] and still be around unless the POV is used on them almost every time).  For some strange reason I don't think Derrick would hesitate (for very long) in using her as a "placeholder" one final time.

 on: September 20, 2014, 09:24:34 AM 
Started by Cheri - Last post by bann3d
Cool pics. Thx!

 on: September 20, 2014, 09:22:14 AM 
Started by terabyte - Last post by bann3d
Dun dun dun...   Cheesy

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